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DigitalOcean offers a SaaS based cloud computing platform to easily manage infrastructure.

Lowered DigitalOcean’s CPA by 15% and increased the volume of new customer signups from Facebook ads by 330%

In the first 30 days of the project, we succeeded in lowering DigitalOcean’s cost to acquire a new user (CPA) by 15% and increased the volume of new customer signups from Facebook ads by 330% compared to the previous month. In fact, the decrease in CPA was so substantial that the savings covered our agencies entire fee. And now their marketing team was freed up to focus on other tasks.

“Aaron and his team at Zammo Digital feel like an extension of our marketing team. They push us to look at our overall marketing strategies differently and their systematic, creative process to running Facebook ads makes us feel like our campaigns are in good hands. Zammo has succeeded big time in making Facebook a viable growth channel for DigitalOcean.”

 – David Dorman, Director of Growth and Demand Generation at DigitalOcean

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invision-logo-pinkInVision offers a SaaS based platform for digital product design prototyping and collaboration.

Reduced InVision’s CPA by 44% and increased monthly lead volume by 11X.

After taking over InVision’s Facebook ads account from another agency, we were quickly able to reduce their cost per new user signup by 44% while at the same time increasing the volume of monthly new user signups by 1100%. We successfully managed InVision’s ads for over 2 and a half years.

invisionAaron is a Facebook ads magician. Since Aaron started managing our Facebook ad campaigns, we’ve seen a 44% decrease in our cost per lead and we’re getting 11X more signups per month compared to the previous agency we were working with.”

– Clark Valberg, CEO/Co-Founder, InVision

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Art Storefronts offers a SaaS based ecommerce CMS to help artists sell more of their art online.

6X monthly recurring revenue (MRR) with 10,000+ new software demo requests.

Since we started running Facebook ads for Art Storefronts, they have seen an explosion of new sales closed and have had to hire several new salespeople to handle the flood of new demo requests that we were generating for them from Facebook.

Overall, they are enjoying a 6X return on ad spend. In addition to generating direct demo requests, Facebooks ads are also contributing to a huge growth in their email list which makes even more sales.

  • 3.2 million people reached
  • 302,000 website visitors
  • 10,000+ new demo requests
  • Average CPA 34% below target cost

imageedit_1_6855505060Webydo provides a SaaS based CMS for web designers to build websites without writing a single line of code.

We made Facebook Webydo’s largest growth channel generating over 37,000 leads.

Over the 16 months that we managed Webydo’s campaigns, we made Facebook ads their largest and lowest cost channel for new Sales Qualified Leads, generating over 37,000 free trial signups.

webydo“Aaron’s high-converting Facebook campaigns have driven tens of thousands of signups to our SaaS product and helped us to reach seriously positive ROI on Facebook. He succeeded in solving the social B2B lead generation formula where even world-renowned agencies failed us.”

– Yam Regev, former CMO of Webydo and Founder of


imageedit_2_3782496418Inman is a real estate subscription news service for realtors and brokers.

Generated over 4,300 subscription customers while maintaining a low cost traffic of only $0.33 per click in an expensive and competitive real estate niche.

After a year of running Inman’s Facebook ads, they are seeing more success than ever. Despite requiring a credit card at signup, our Facebook campaigns are generating approx 200 new sales per month representing nearly 30% of total Inman’s sales.

  • 3.9 million people reached
  • 644,000 website visitors
  • Average CPC $0.33, CTR 2.17%, CPM $7.11
  • 4,300+ new subscription customers

inmanAaron is super smart when it comes to driving growth from Facebook. Definitely recommend taking his advice if you’re looking to make Facebook a growth channel for your subscription business.”

– Morgan Brown, former COO Inman, Growth Hacker and Author of Hacking Growth book




TheraNest provides a SaaS platform for health professionals to manage their practice with ease and efficiency.

Generated over 3,000 free trial signups with average CPA 14% below target cost.

  • Reached 1.9 million people
  • 95,000 website visitors
  • 3,000+ free trial signups
  • Average CPA 14% below target cost


ScholarshipOwl allows students to apply to hundreds of scholarships with a single application form.

Generated over 180,000 free account registrations and over 7,800 free trial customers (with credit card).

  • 6.6 million people reached
  • 885,000 website visitors
  • Average CTR 3.3%, CPC $0.29
  • 180,000+ free account registrations
  • 7,800+ free trial customers (with credit card)

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