Full Service Facebook Ads Management

Zammo Digital offers a full, 100% done for you campaign management service.

We will take full responsibility for:

  • Campaign strategy, setup and management (Facebook and Instagram)
  • All ad creatives including graphic design and copy writing
  • Ongoing testing and optimization
  • Monthly and weekly reporting

We will work closely with your team to determine a successful Facebook Ads strategy that will deliver the most possible leads, signups or sales to your website at the lowest possible cost.

Our Process

At Zammo Digital, we know that great results with paid advertising comes from following proven, repeatable systems and processes.

That why we’ve created out “SaaS Scaling Framework for Facebook Ads.” We’ve refined our process framework through spending millions of dollars for our clients’ campaigns and providing serious ROI. The process is actually quite simple:

We following a continuous process of testing new audiences, messaging and image creatives. We run lots of small budget tests. We kill the losers quickly and scale the winners quickly.

Our process relies on implementation of automated campaign rules to help us efficiently increase and decrease ad budgets when necessary. 

Our experience with and knowledge of Facebook’s algorithms helps us to quickly scale budgets up and broaden audiences to reach more relevant customers for you.

Benefits Of Working With Zammo

Full Transparency – We will work in your ad account so you will have full access to all information and you will own everything.

No Long Term Contracts – Our contract is month to month. However, we do encourage you to commit to at least three months in order to give the campaigns a proper chance to succeed.

Quick Time To Launch – From the time you sign the contract, we will begin setting up your campaigns. Your first ads will be launched within approximately 10 days (or less).

Constant Communication – We want to be an extension of your marketing team. We are always available via phone, email or Slack.

What We Expect From Our Clients

  • Open communication and quick responses to our questions
  • You will maintain a high converting landing page with a sales funnel that effectively onboards new users and converts sales.
  • You are committed to investing a minimum of three month for this Facebook ads project in order to give it the greatest chance for success (Usually, we expect to have profitable campaigns optimized within the first month).
  • Commitment of a minimum of at least $5,000-$10,000 per month for ad spend.


Let’s Work Together To Scale Your SaaS

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