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B2B SaaS Facebook Ads Industry Report – August 2018

Continually finding creative inspiration for your Facebook Ads is always a challenge.

Especially when you work for a B2B SaaS company.

That’s why we recently set aside some time from our agency work to research some of the biggest B2B SaaS on Facebook and see what kinds of ads they are running.

Companies like Intercom, Dropbox, Gusto, Stripe, Zendesk and more.

What we found was pretty interesting.

And we decided to present it to you in a handy, dandy (free) PDF report.

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The report includes examples of current ads, Screenshots (and links) to their landing pages and links to show you where to find even more examples of great SaaS Ads.

The goal of the report is to help you:

1. Discover the strategies used by other large B2B SaaS companies
2. Get inspiration from the ads and landing pages that other SaaS companies are using today.

Unfortunately, many marketers I speak with don’t think that Facebook is an effective customer acquisition channel for B2B companies.

I can confidently tell you that that opinion is wrong.

After spending millions of dollars in ad spend and acquiring over 1 million leads and users for our clients, we here at Zammo Digital can confidently tell you that Facebook is an amazingly effective and profitable acquisition channel for most B2B SaaS companies.

And the companies highlighted in this report will probably agree with us.

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