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Evergreen Ecommerce Facebook Ads Campaigns

3 Evergreen Ecommerce Facebook Campaigns That Will Make You Money Every Day

Creating profitable Facebook Ads for your Ecommerce store over and over is hard.

But here are three simple wins that every store can implement and start profiting from TODAY.

They’re called Evergreen campaigns and every online store needs them.

Even if you only have a $20 per day budget, you won’t believe how huge your ROI will be.

Ready to learn more?

Let’s get into it…

Why Evergreen Campaigns?

Evergreen campaigns are campaigns that you can run for long periods of time and still get conversions with minimal tweaking or updating.

Why are they called “evergreen”?

Because like the “evergreen trees” that stay green all year, an evergreen Facebook Ad campaign will get you results all year long.

How do they stay profitable for a long time?

Unlike other Facebook ads which tend to burn out after a short period, these Evergreen campaigns target small, focused audiences that are highly likely to purchase and always self-updating.

All you have to do is “set it and forget it.” 

But make sure you’re keeping an eye on it periodically.

3 Evergreen Campaigns for Your Online Store

Not only are these campaigns Evergreen, but they are also the campaign types that will make you money pretty much every day.

The best Evergreen campaigns are:

1) Dynamic Retargeting

2) Dynamic Product Ads to Cold Audiences

3) 3-Day “Add to Cart” Retarget Sequence Campaigns

All of these campaigns have two things in common: they require low ad spend and give you super high ROAS (return on ad spend).

Although the volume of these campaigns won’t always be super high, your ROI will be.

You don’t want to scale these campaigns because the audience is small.

Since the audience size is so small, scaling theses campaigns ups your risk of ad fatigue and burnout.

1) Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic retargeting ads use products that your site visitors recently viewed to make the ads that they see on Facebook. So the specific product that they viewed is the one that follows them around until they finally make a purchase.

These campaigns are easy to set up in Facebook by connecting it with your product feed. In most cases, it’s a simple plugin that you add to your site.

What makes Dynamic Product Retargeting a great option for your online store is that they personalize the ad experience for each potential customer. This gives your ad higher relevancy, which in turns reduces your cost while increasing your return on ad spend.

Here’s an example of what a Dynamic Product Ad can look like:

And here’s an example of the results you can get from one of our clients.

For example, one of our ecommerce clients here at Zammo Digital spent only $1,751 on their dynamic retargeting ads but generated over $31,000 in sales from that single campaign. That’s a whopping 17.8X ROAS!

Evergreen Ecommerce Facebook Ads Campaign

2) Dynamic Product Ads 

A new feature to Facebook, broad audience targeting takes the same idea of dynamic retargeting but shares your ad with a cold audience that is primed-to-buy your products.

It does this by letting the Facebook algorithm do all of the work for you.

The algorithm looks at users who are currently in the market for similar products. This can be based on the content they have engaged with on Facebook or on other online stores they have visited.

By letting the algorithm do the work, you don’t need to do anything. It changes the ad dynamically, it finds new audiences, and it will find you new customers–without you lifting a finger.

For example, in our broad audience dynamic product ads, we spent $2,000 a month to generate $6,000 in sales without needing to optimize or touch the campaign. That’s a consistent 300% ROI for no ongoing effort!

And this campaign shouldn’t ever burn out because Facebook’s algorithm is always delivering it to a new, fresh audience.

We set this campaign up using a broad audience to target that excluded people who made a recent purchase from our site.

Learn more about how to set up a cold-audience product advertising campaign.

3) 3-Day “Add to Cart” Retargeting  Sequence

When someone leaves a product in their cart in your store, they are clearly interested in that product. But what if a Dynamic Ad doesn’t get them to convert? Sometimes a customer needs a little something more to push them over the edge to make that purchase.

That’s where having a 3-Day Retargeting Sequence comes into play.

This is a relatively simple campaign to implement. All you need to do is to create 3 custom audiences based on how many days it has been since a potential customer has added an item to their cart.

  • 1 Day Since Visit
  • 2 Days Since Visit
  • 3 Days Since Visit

Each of the 3 ads needs to have its own separate selling point, for example, day 1 offers free shipping, day 2 gives a coupon code, etc.

Using the above retargeting audiences, you build your campaigns. The Day 1 campaign will be built with your first offer or feature.

Day 2 will have the next offer or feature but excludes the Day 1 audience.

Then, Day 3 will have your final offer or feature, excluding your Day 1 & Day 2 audience.

For example, an ecommerce brand that uses this sequence with a promo code for 20% off, has spent only $700 to get $10,500 in sales, giving them an easy 1,400% ROI for a one-time campaign set-up!

This campaign has been running for over 6 months without any updating.

BONUS – 30-Day Retargeting Campaigns

This campaign type is easy to set up and, like the above Evergreen campaigns, can give you a fantastic ROI.

Consider it as a small gift to you for reading this far.

To set up a 30-day retargeting campaign, you will need to create an ad that offers an incentive for website visitors to come back and make a purchase.

This can be as simple as “see what’s new” or an offer such as free shipping.

Then go to Facebook and create a custom audience that targets anyone who has recently visited your store without making a purchase.

Depending on your audience size, this campaign will need to be updated more often than the above Evergreen campaigns as the frequency grows.

Just pay attention to your frequency over the life of the campaign and replace ads as they reach over-saturation. This can be as simple as changing out an image while still using the same ad text.

All these evergreen campaigns have two things in common:

(1) they are one-time setup campaigns with no (or very little) maintenance

(2) they provide you high returns on your ad spend.

Go Build Your Evergreen Campaigns

These campaigns can theoretically be the only ads you run if you have a small advertising budget.

BUT if you really want to grow your online store, then these evergreen campaigns should only be one weapon in your Facebook Ads arsenal.

Consider these four campaigns as my special little gift to you.

Go set them up today.

You can thank me tomorrow.

Need Help Getting Started? Let us help…

For a limited time, we’re offering to set up all 4 of the Evergreen campaigns explained in this article for you.

The project will take approximately 30-days

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Evergreen Ecommerce Facebook Ads Campaign


  • Courtney, This is a really good article! Thanks. Do you also run these for Amazon products?

    • Hi Lisa!

      Great Question!

      There is no easy way to use these campaigns for Amazon products as you would need a way to supply a feed to Facebook at this time. As these require the ability to use the Facebook pixel to track your audience, which Amazon does not support for individual sellers at this time.


  • Thanks for this inspiring article. I have questions
    1. in 3-day Retargeting Add to Cart Sequence campaign. what objective campaign used?
    2. also, in 30-day retargeting campaign. what objective campaign suitable for that?


    • Hi Kristine,

      For both campaigns, the objective used was the conversions objective. I recommend using the conversions objective for both of these campaign types.


      • Thanks for the reply. But, now I’m confused. I have no idea how to setup the audience for 30 day campaign.

        Let say I want to do every 3 days retargeting, mean 10 adset. How to segment the audience? adset 1: day 1 – day 3, adset 2: day 4 – 6 (adset 1 off), and so on

        • THANK YOU for a very good Article!

          I’m also confused, How can I build an audience of 1 day ATC 2 day and 3 day ATC? It doesn’t make any sense.

          Would love to see your replay, very interesting.

          • Hi,

            So to build the retargeting sequence is rather simple. You just need to build custom audiences using your Facebook pixel. So much like you would build a 30-day custom audience, you would go in and create an audience where it has been one day since they added to cart, then another where it has been 2 days since they have added to cart, and then finally 3 days since they added to cart. These will all be individual custom audiences built in Facebook.

            In reply to Kristine, for the 30-day campaign, you are not making a retargeting sequence. It is just creating a custom audience on Facebook where they that uses all site visitors over the past 30 days. When you build your campaign, be sure to exclude anyone who has made a purchase. We don’t recommend making too large of a retargeting sequence because the further you build it out, the more diminishing returns you will have.

            Thank you for your questions!

  • Hi Courtney,

    This is one of the most easiest and effective strategy you have shared.

    I have one query. for 3 Day ad sequence, Do you use the product catalog type of campaign or you some generic ad creative based on the offer ?

    • Hi Dhanpat,

      I use generic ad creative based on an offer over the 3 days. I try to switch the offer up for each day.

      Thanks for the question!


      • Thanks for letting this know. However, I already went ahead to use product catalog and its working great for me. Generating orders at $0.80 per order over 15 orders in last 3 days. On the top, I am using a generic copy relevant to the offer and rest of the copy is relevant to the product itself.

        by the way I am looking for similar guide to covert cold and semi-cold audience through the sales funnel. Do you have something ?

        • That’s great to here!

          We did a blog post this week on how to build the broad audience DPA campaign which would be perfect for a cold audience!

  • Hi Courtney

    Great article

    I have been told by many digital marketers that Facebook is not right for my business. I run a e-commerce website, which sells Hairdressing and Beauty Salon Furniture. Most people seem to thinks Facebook would be a waste of time and money for my business. Wold agree/disagree and why ?

    Thanks !

  • Quick questions: would you run this strategy as outlined for a brand new ecommerce store?

    The store only getting about 8 sales month.

    • Yes, you can use the strategy on a new site, but just keep the budget very low. Like $1/day. As you start driving more traffic to the site and growing, these techniques will become more powerful.


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